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Christian Faye | Eyebrow Makeup, Lashes and Eyebrow Accessories



Long-Lasting Even Under The Most Difficult Conditions

SEMI-PERMANENT – eyebrow makeup lasts for 24 hours. Eyebrow dyes can last for up to 30 days. Everyday makeup is removed by cleansers or eye makeup removers

HEAT RESISTANT – can withstand very high temperatures, won’t run or smudge when working under challenging conditions such as a photographic studio, TV or film set

WATER-PROOF – water resistant dyes won’t come off in the shower or bath or while swimming

SWEAT RESISTANT – your eyebrow makeup wont be affected even if you sweat a lot. You can still retain your good looks after a workout at the gym

LASTS FOR 24 HOURS – lasts for the whole day so you can still look your best after a long, hard day

Easy To Apply – Perfect Eyebrows In Just Seconds

Contour, Shape and Colour To Enhance Your Looks

8 DIFFERENT COLOURS – available colours: dark brown, brown, taupe, black, tan, charcoal -eyebrow powders that adhere to the skin and hair, designed to last for the whole day

12 DIFFERENT STENCIL SHAPES – create any shape, size or thickness of eyebrow with easy-to-use stencils for accurate coloring

DUAL TONE HIGHLIGHTERS – designed to shape the brows or create the perfect colour match to season changes or skin colour

EYEBROW DYES – a long term solution for those with little or no eyebrow hair

EYEBROW PENCILS – to give your eyebrows more definition and colour

HIGHLIGHTERS – a series of colours to accentuate the brows and enhance your eye colour for that perfect look